1. Major Lazer

  2. Rex Pebble once gave his mistress, Spray Summers, a swimming pool that turned out to be a Fountain of Youth. Rex dived in one evening and came out twenty years younger, handsomer than ever before, and wanton as a rooster. - The Glorious Pool

  3. Brass at the Railway Club
    January 25, 2014
    by Rebecca Blissett for the Georgia Straight

    “Brass—not to be confused with high-speed local street punks the Brass—built on Charm’s manic momentum with an oppressive set of its own. The band’s just-released, self-titled EP was highlighted early on with “Cause”, hammered out to perfection via the kit-crushing beats of wispily-mustached skinsman Rory Troughton. When not gruffly growling out his lines, vocalist Devon Motz spun himself dizzy, performed pull-ups on the Railway’s ventilation system, and occasionally surfed across the small throng up front.” Check out Gregory Adams’ full review in the Straight right here.

  4. Nine Inch Nails for the Georgia Straight

    Rogers Arena 21.11.13


  5. The Russian Rocket was every kid’s hero back in the day so I told my little brother I would take a photo of him. Nobody paid much mind to the two of us kids, waiting in the rain outside the Pacific Coliseum. Pavel Bure appeared with two guards, one of whom held an umbrella over his head while the other went to fetch his car from the lot. I asked him if I could take a photo, he agreed and as I raised my Pentax K-1000 to my eye, he gave me one of my first photography lessons. He said - and I remember his accented words well because I was completely mortified - “You might want to take your lens cap off first.”

    Tomorrow, Bure’s No. 10 jersey will be the fourth retired number in Canucks franchise history. He’ll be joining Stan Smyl’s #12, Trevor Linden’s #16, and Markus Naslund’s #19.

  6. David Thorassie, 3, got into the spirit of Halloween by trick-or-treating customers (by yelling at them with a lion’s roar) at the East Café on Hastings.

  7. Haim. Last night’s concert photograph and review, for the Georgia Straight. Right here.

  8. On this foggy evening.

  9. Cuba, 2010

  10. Appearing on the side of the bus near you.